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What is Affinity?
Affinity is a free, open source visualization and exploration tool that provides insight into relationships among enterprise information assets (i.e., structured data sources) and makes promising opportunities for data sharing clearly visible.
What problem does Affinity solve?
Large enterprises, such as corporations, governments, and research consortia, present CIOs and information architects with distinct challenges. These enterprises can have hundreds to thousands of data sources (e.g., the United States Department of Defense Metadata Registry (MDR) currently contains thousands of schemas), making it extremely difficult to obtain a clear overview of the organization's information assets and to quickly find opportunities for information sharing or consolidation.

How does Affinity solve this problem?
Affinity addresses these challenges by enabling users to visualize and explore clusters of data models. Affinity computes similarity values between all pairs within a set of data models, then groups these models using a clustering algorithm. Clusters are rendered visually in dual interactively-linked displays, allowing decision makers to better understand and explore the "semantic topology" of their information assets, and thus likely overlap and candidates for sharing, integration, or consolidation.