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OpenII began with an early version of the Harmony schema match tool, funded from MITRE's innovation program. MITRE then joined forces with Michael Carey, who was at the time chief architect for BEA, Inc, now a subsidiary of Oracle. The collaboration developed the AL$MONY prototype which integrated BEA's AquaLogic Data Services Platform with Harmony. Instead of simply doing an ad hoc mashup of the tools, the MITRE team outlined a more general framework for integrating integration tools. This idea attracted the attention of Alon Halevy, senior researcher at Google, who proposed that MITRE, Google, and any other interested parties collaborate to produce an open source information integration toolkit.

This led to the OpenII kickoff meeting on July 23, 2008 at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Meeting attendees included several leaders in the information integration field.

Attendees at the OpenII Kickoff Meeting

The most active participants in the collaboration have been The MITRE Corporation (which has developed the bulk of the code), Google (which has provided funding to some of the academic participants), UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley. IBM contributed the Derby lightweight open source database, which provides the backend for a zero administration version of the repository.

We welcome additional participants. Please contact us if you are interested!

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