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What is Proximity?
Proximity is a free, open source tool for visualizing and exploring in detail how a set of data models relate to a selected reference model.
What problem does Proximity solve?
Large enterprises need to identify opportunities for information sharing and integration among their many information assets. To facilitate the process, they create an enterprise wide "reference data model" and then require that each information asset in the organization is mapped to that "reference data model". These reference data models facilitate information sharing and integration when done well. However, creating these data models is a challenge because of the diversity of information assets and differences in terminology.

How does Proximity solve this problem?
To address this challenge, we created Proximity, a tool for comparing multiple data models to a reference data model. Proximity takes multiple data models as input and calculates the number of overlapping elements between each data model and the reference data model. A user can drill down to see which elements a data model shares with the reference model, which elements are unique to the reference model, and which are unique to the data model. The use of Proximity is a decision maker's first step in refining a reference data model and creating a better data sharing standard for a community .